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Here you are
knocking down the door of the prism
the light that can see you
see all of you
in the form of a saint
that can enclose the devil
such a relief as you stand before me
no need to hide who you are anymore
you are seen
you are believed
pulse slows as the walls crumble before me
able to enjoy and taste of the varied scenery
equal parts of toxicity and greenery
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 1 0
Look at me, just look at me. Don't be scared.
I'm not because you're here but where I'm going you won't be and that's my fear. It's not death that frightens me but what happens after. Will I forget you? Will I ever see you again? What will happen to me?
I will find you.
How can you be sure? What if I get lost and can't make my way back? What if you forget me?
I will find you.
I should just say goodbye and face it and get it over with.
We never say goodbye, only goodnight remember? That word isn't in our vocabulary.
It feels like the word is entering mine again, facing god knows what. I'm sorry I'm inconsolable. I want to believe you. I believe in you but I don't know what happens next. What if this is the end of the road for us? I think I'd rather vanish from existence.
You don't need to believe it, just know it. I will find you again and we'll be together. Look in my eyes. Do you trust me?
With everything, with the keys to my soul.
Then just know I will find you.
I know you would neve
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
They don't know what loss can feel like because they can't experience you like I can
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 1
Didn't want it anyway...
that's the stance it'll take...
a beckoning of sexuality that assaults rationality,
a calamity strikes at the centre of the pond,
but the memo didn't land,
nobody is home,
inhabitant is gone....
There once lived a soul that couldn't be struck,
just no one had luck,
they could sense it, wanted near it's raging eddies of knowledge of lust,
it hissed with no need of trust,
it didn't care and it didn't fear,
turn around, there's no vacancy here,
try the next one down the road,
they're receptive I'm told,
there's a taker for all there is to offer,
l'll spare my essence and bathe in it for my own measure,
for only my pleasure...
Then it fell into the world like a treasure,
perfect darkness and light biding it's time,
inching closer to the fire,
the forbidden fruit on it's mind,
it liked being the only to have trespassed intact,
it knew no one had made it in and back,
it ached for that essence of no fear,
anything goes the potent drug of choice,
in that heat the addic
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
Is the stalking classier,
depending on sassy and sassier?
Is it same old same old,
down in the basement lurking with the critters,
pull the shutters,
but you are seen,
does a huntress make this act less obscene?
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 0
Mature content
Breathing Hard :iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
This is what I fight for
moments like these
where the ocean meets the sky
and everything in between
flashes in an instant
that lasts forever and can't be pinned down as it was never
or believable
unless you were one of the two
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
I just want to meet you where the art takes us,
let yourself go...
for me...
the worst that may occur has already gone down,
you see...we're no longer around,
we're down here on the ground,
dying from suffocation,
deprivation of ferocity,
I need your velocity,
I need you just as you were back you are now,
skip the watered down version of all you'd never want to say anyway,
tell me about nothing that matters out there but tell it to me and mean it,
and all I'll cherish is that you sent it,
like I always have,
write again and make it so,
speak again and make it glow,
those times spent worlds away,
I was bored of this one anyway,
you rescued while others stayed afraid,
you saw the gifts of my darkness,
laughed at my hot mess,
didn't abuse your power over me,
just let me be,
knew the vicinity of you healed my rigid mould,
reality like that can't be bought or sold,
I never hunted you for more of the same,
wanted you only as you were,
I needed you that way,
never cared to chan
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 1
Painting myself over with you,
now I'm perfect within and without,
so lost as to be found,
so alone in surround sound.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
Let's stop walking that tightrope shall we?
Never knew there was another option, wish someone had told me... guess never fell to my death yet so I'm not held back with regrets...
Just ease off that plank, if you look down you'll see what I mean.
Never mattered to you before but now why so worried? Where you going in a hurry?
Just care for you so wanted you to know the value of all this before the pavement hits... just stay safe and out of harms way.
Well if I'm walking in the lion's den and you're still around, well then, you must see something profound or perhaps you like when your pulse quickens... maybe like when my eyes sicken... intoxicated by the dangers that never lose their pull...
I just worry that you will meet your end and that I won't be able to protect your fall. Would rather you stay well than be part of any downfall.
But isn't that why you love me? Ingrained violations of everything ordinarily sacrosanct making my breed seem almost extinct... admit it, you never wanted m
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
On and On
Horizons pale,
encounter overload,
the physical and everything swirling around and in between,
never to recover from your overlord,
you'd see how lightening would taste encapsulated in your mind,
you'd shudder as the electrical storm helped you to recover,
from all your fears of feeling,
you'd wish it'd end as hard as you'd beg again for the beginning,
enter the circle from which timeless reality cries,
where the rules are laid aside,
where you don't need to hide,
it's where I reside,
it's on the other side,
of weakness,
of impartiality,
it's decision with blade precision,
leaves an invisible,
non-divisible incision.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 0
Artist Within
Clawing to break free,
drowned aching stagnancy,
that weapon of you,
a push toward the mundane,
they couldn't savour the full scope of what you gave,
so they wouldn't feel the cravings of all they couldn't take,
the aesthetic rape,
not all of us are that way,
some would never dream of making an escape,
whether endless skies or gloomy caves,
want your shoals and waves,
this vessel grows in your wake.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
Seemed everyone's a best friend till you came along,
whoring out my attention like it was going out of style,
then something strange,
then a change,
never thought to say it,
no one would ever have even known it,
not really a sign in sight,
one might even venture if we had existed,
but if the apocalypse battered down our doors,
or came anticipation of exit stage left in wars,
you'd hear all about it,
from out of the blue,
a message only to you,
an essence of that seemingly over worn cliche,
but it belongs in only that place,
where you and I lay face to face,
with you my idea seemed to find it's final resting place,
never needed to look further, not for even a trace,
never an urge to match it,
because I'm satiated with you,
we are known and loved through and through,
the thirst is never for another,
absence, the only sensation left to smother.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
Rush of relief as you see me,
you see all I ever wanted to be,
in this shrine of fragmented memories,
maybe there was pain,
but we both know that pleasure can't be erased.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 1 3
Never near so as to keep this perfection pristine,
my poison was not in our cards,
we would stay as a pure running stream.
To taint this whole reality
would have been obscene,
one can dream but in the end,
the dead end was all I ever intended it to be.
You are untouched by my cruelties and petty earthly needs,
my ways never allowed to germinate nor spread their craven seeds,
I can call on you in the swamp from amongst those bloodied reeds,
I can face myself and our purity,
still blessed with this rarity.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 5 1
Mature content
Untitled :iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3

Random Favourites

The Devil's In The Detail Competition
Competition Status: CLOSED
Also posted here at CRLiterature.
For my 15th literature competition I want to challenge people to do something that may benefit their writing, so I present to you all the Devil's in the Detail Competition.
I'm challenging you to think of something that a person has to do at least once a month, but it could be every minute of every day, and then put it in a fantasy environment.
:bulletblue: Brushing your teeth if you are a vampire
:bulletblue: Walking your dog onboard a space station
:bulletblue: Having a prostate exam when everyone else on the planet is a zombie. (eek!)
The challenge is really to focus your mind on how your characters behave and interact with their environments and how the environment being different than yours (the writers) can affect how they do those things. Hopefully this will
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 42 105
Let me get real for a sec...
Look guys, I am a complicated dude, I never really hold anything close to my heart but, one thing I will, one thing I will help in this cause. You watch t.v and you see bullies picking on others...and they do it to inspire humor. It's disgusting. You tell us to stop bulling but you use that to inspire humor? The world is just so closed minded, it contrasts with itself. Look, i'm not a guy that likes to find a cause and be like "i'll do this forever."  Well I can't say I'll be doing this forever, but the problem of bullying will never leave. But it can be reduced...people...horrible people systematically destroy others, many cases...just because they can. And the people that stand back and watch...really? REALLY?! Tell me, you see your little sister or brother being picked one but some jerk. You're not gonna stand by and watch. And to anyone that might have ever bullied anyone. Remember. They have emotion...they have heart...and that's all they need to hurt you back...
:iconmusicnotesnpoems:MusicNotesNPoems 2 17
Just let yourself Fall by Beautifuul Just let yourself Fall :iconbeautifuul:Beautifuul 73 26 I Will Stay by FallanDark I Will Stay :iconfallandark:FallanDark 129 38 Glimmer by AnnMarieBone Glimmer :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 1,936 280
Writer Scars
I have told my secrets
through loves ink -
painted them to my skin
with watercolor defiance.
& writers, we sometimes
write about our scars
in riddles, layers upon
layers of thought, -
care for them
like flowers
on the warlands
of our bodies.
we give them faces,
we give them names,
we give them gravestones.
We kill them off
in our stories,
make them villains,
make them heroes.
I have wrists that roar,
& I will be damned
if I don’t let them
tell their stories.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 453 138
My Favorite Song
You never remembered
My favorite song
And so heart brokenly fitting
That you never learned a goddamn thing
You're just a sad song love
Your pain will be over soon
Then I can focus on more pressing matters
            Like me
So if I was so wrong
How can you listen to this song
All night long 
I hate our ending myself,
But we started with an alright scene
 I have a new scene now
Something beautiful,
        Something to cultivate
Something you can't touch
So this never meant nothing to you,
At all
    At all
 At all
Looks like we just became Disenchanted
:iconless2thetruth:Less2TheTruth 1 0
I Carry Your Heart with Me. by UntamedUnwanted I Carry Your Heart with Me. :iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 437 74 Teenager 2 by zingruby Teenager 2 :iconzingruby:zingruby 1,833 148 Levitate by sweetcaffeine-stocks Levitate :iconsweetcaffeine-stocks:sweetcaffeine-stocks 1,375 252
Ever Expanding Enigma
Here lies the last of me
In rain, and endless sea
The parts that left
           Left free
No Cages remain here
Your hearts beat lovingly
Lost and found among the trees
I search for one
         That beats for me
Not out of rhythm
          Not in fear
So hold me
  Someone hold me
Because I feel myself
       Slipping slowly
Within me
:iconless2thetruth:Less2TheTruth 6 0
We Both Know It's True, Don't Be Afraid
Think of all
You can paint
You can
Draw yourself
Out of this corner
If you can
Draw yourself
Out of your shell
Think of all
You can make
With the
Hands you have
Believe me
When I say
You’ve got more
Than you
Think you do
You’ve got more than
In this town
And I can’t
Stand to see you
I can’t
Stand to see these
Drag you down
So much better
So much better
Don’t let them
Pull you down
Let them make you believe
What I know
Isn’t true
Let them
Make you think
You’re no
Better than them
So much better
Think of
All you can do
Don’t let the bastards
Get you down
Don’t let them
Make you
Hide away
In your shell
Think of all the
Colors you have
Think of
All that
You could paint
:icongrim4o4:grim4o4 1 0
Rain and sun (A1) by annewipf Rain and sun (A1) :iconannewipf:annewipf 165 92 Autumn memories by Aeternum-designs Autumn memories :iconaeternum-designs:Aeternum-designs 483 108 Nostalgia by Amiltarea Nostalgia :iconamiltarea:Amiltarea 57 27
My Sweetest Downfall
Your name is heartache,
And it does ache.
It's not the hurting but the healing that hurts
Still it aches.
Those ever present pains that haunt me,
Even now, even after so long.
The sting of betrayal...
I remember waking up screaming.
I remember the dreams of you with him.
I remember...
And yet,
I don't dream of you anymore.
I don't scream your name.
I don't think of you.
So why does it still ache?
Why can I not shake it?
Because this predated you.
The loneliness,
The bitterness,
It was all I knew before you.
These are old demons, strengthened by the new.
Old devils hardened in the flames of our downfall.
There are so many reasons I feel this way.
Only one of them is you.
Don't feel special.
You were once,
 You ruined that.
:iconless2thetruth:Less2TheTruth 1 10
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