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Black Hole
I became black ice,
wand no longer wielded magic just death,
as we walked away that long night ago,
the one keeping my stride knew not what had transpired,
that I was dying inside,
drawing a curtain over all I saw there,
while to the world cold as hard packed snow,
changed where I would go,
affected my everywhere,
taught me that there are things worth fighting for,
but that sometimes you don't just lose the war,
you vanish from even your own sense of location,
all you now know is drenched only in the spaces of separation.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 1 1
Where I go I'll never really know,
it's out and it's far away,
the chains, they are so far down there in those gruesome dungeons bare,
you can't hold me,
can't take me anywhere.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 1 1
Young Love
Maybe age wasn't really the centre of all that frothing...
maybe you had guts to still feel something,
before you just let the phone ring and ring,
while you shut yourself behind closed doors,
and in the heat of those nights,
melancholy still dripping from your pores,
witness anew those feelings could exist,
drowns you in all you forgot,
reminds you how cold you have now become,
nothing and then some,
bittersweet young love,
shows you all you are and all you are without,
sweetly smiles as you gouge your inner eyes out.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
Love You More
Walked to the spots we frequented,
said under construction just like our tomorrows,
nothing there but memories,
just nothing,
like our today,
but who loves who more...
we've never settled that debate.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 5
Bet it causes him joy,
watching from his distance,
as she tears her mind apart,
back to the start,
tickled pink,
devoid of heart,
dripping crimson,
as he squeezes out all her emotion,
she'll be his mental whore,
making him feel like the centre of the world,
because he is,
as the minutes tick by,
turn into hours, into weeks, into years,
seemingly eons,
dragging out the plot,
a willing victim,
he's never fought.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 0
Under Our Lid
The sky looks so dark like crying bruises of pained blue,
same one watches over me as it does you,
though so far apart,
we share one thing in common this here night,
it is this heaven that threatens to cry,
down upon us,
to remind of the grief that gets swept and carried,
what a beautiful sight,
reminds me of my rotting emotions,
tidings of deepest grey,
all those feelings I'm never able to slay.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 5
How it Feels
Bleed into me
Revive all it is I constantly see
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
Hold tight to your noise,
keep your silence close,
your walls closer,
those damn ghosts,
they always get in anyway,
tipping Universal scales,
dripping with all that unveils,
letting through the wails,
seeing all that pales,
those frick'in demonic skills,
wrought with all their ills,
witness all that kills,
tripping on barbed wire,
of the mind kind,
a gruelling find,
only a fool wouldn't run for cover,
only a pawn wouldn't stay gone,
sweating now,
escaped it somehow,
you're wearing it now,
follow in stride,
wet the appetite,
ignite your fight,
aim your sights,
allow the gun to follow suit,
worst case is,
miss a few,
as you learn to shoot.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
Back to Front
Better days ahead
Shedding the anchor
Brought the monster to it's knees
Sickened I have been by thee and me
Steering clear
Severed parts drop from the fore
Engulfed all the past and spit it out into the future
Let the head roll
Help it all drain
Don't apply the tincture
Pull at the suture
Promise it'll wash away
All the hate fades
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 6
Take this space,
Let me nestle awhile,
I won't intrude,
Just resting here in the flood of time,
The here and now wash over me,
I can't speak,
My will is meek,
Taken aback over and over again,
Still amazed to find,
Something never quite erasable,
But it's essence always penetrable,
I've started walking back into our world,
It's how it's got to be,
I'll take a corner only I vow,
That's all I was ever allotted anyhow.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 5 0
Just Shy
Just shy in age,
around the same time,
around the block,
around our eternal clock,
sometimes we mess up and it doesn't end well,
sad turmoil hell,
other times there to see you go,
or no, you're the last thing in vision as my grips ease off,
but no matter the final page,
no matter what was written,
I'll soon awake and open my eyes,
and just shy,
will be someone I have called my own,
I know I'm never alone.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 2
Black melodies shared as though songs of courting,
nothing frilly or light,
like he knew my delight,
only one who seemed could see through me,
could see I couldn't really relate,
could know the notes to present to she,
to unravel,
and watch it seep,
to unfold the abyss that extended deep,
to know the steps past the guarded keep,
a parry with pounces at drawbridges held in close,
there was nothing he ever had to say to tell me I was got,
not even a delay,
he just pressed play.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 0
Up Ahead
Racing you in my dreams,
asphalt screams,
the night,
the sting of grit,
teasing death,
it's where I'm lit.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 5
The Parallel
Tell me all,
endless well washing despair away,
wipe the slate,
never too late,
in the nights demons rage,
cage escapades.
They fall all over you like panting glass figurines,
so irresistible,
so beautiful,
much did spill,
till ill,
laid it out on the wooden kitchen table,
said it all,
till tranquil.
Always and from here,
a parallel watches over you,
embraces creeping dark,
keeps it at bay,
fends off the blood hounds on a trail,
using it's might to conquer the hungry burdens,
which lay in wait to dine on the carcass they will surely find,
wanting to mess with your mind,
until they have drained you till barely a whisper,
seeing self used as a worn trinket,
unable to see past a pretty face,
wanting to have the glow in their weak stead,
so they can be fed.
the parallel,
force of good and evil even and equal,
I breath out,
washing over you,
to wash their intentions away,
make them vanish again into a turmoil of their yesterdays,
oh the sweet daze,
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 0
They're always taking and taking from you,
guzzling you like there's no tomorrow,
slurping from the fountain like their rains from skies have been denied,
when I ask of you a morsel,
it's a symmetry of space,
I won't be greedy nor will I take,
maybe partake,
I really don't want anything from you,
I just happen to know to get through,
what I have to do,
as that's what you are used to.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
In my mind's eye I'd have to revamp things,
but you can make things looks good,
even camping,
stepping over twigs with muddied feet like some swamp thing,
must be beautiful to be with you,
to see the sun rays through and through,
I seem to know where you've been and what you've done,
could describe all the times we've met,
but when I really come to think of it,
I don't even know your favourite color yet.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 1 3

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Till dawn
In the sunlight
The spirit
I can feel
Distant voices
From here
My walk home
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To the End :iconcrosscrim:Crosscrim 1,646 52
The Good Fight
Fever dreams bind me
Faces intertwine within me
I endure, and endure
When I have not the strength to fight
How do you expect me to endure?
When I can not stand
How do you expect me to let go?
When I can’t control my voice
How do you expect me to be silent?
To your oppression
To your domination
To your hands around my throat
Yet you call me the bad guy
For I am not content with the blood money you give me
Am I a hypocrite for accepting it?
Can I feed, clothe, or provide for myself or the ones I love without it?
I may not want it, but there is no other way
You expect me to be silent when you crack the whip on my back
You expect me to endure your abuse of me
When I stand and fight you steal my pride, my property, my love
But I still fight
I will not give up because you think it just to suffocate me
I will not fall to your blade
Even if I battle with sticks, and stone
:iconaesop-epics:Aesop-Epics 1 0
Going Awry
We move like ghosts in the night,
avoiding the light
Only witnessed by the eyes of the dead
We ask the devil to dance,
proving the chance
To free the skeletons
we keep in our heads

Verse 1
The angels fall down.
The heavens are
no longer the paradise
once spoken of.
The end has come
but much too early.
Where did it all go wrong?
The world we once knew is no more.
The shadows rise up.
Now is the time to fight
It's the only way to survive
It's all gone awry.
What happened to us?
The world was so beautiful.
Now it's broken and shattered.
And we are all damned.
It's all gone awry (gone awry)
Verse 2
When there is no gods,
all we have is each other.
Everything is burned down
The silent screams of the dying
still haunt our every dream.
Our minds scarred
by the horror of the new world.
The world we once knew is no more.
The shadows rise up.
Now is the time to fight
It's the only way to survive
It's all g
:iconshadowmacer66:shadowmacer66 4 2
Be Still
Be still my beating heart,
Don't be mean to thy body,
Stop pounding against my chest,
Stop making it hard to breath.
Be still my aching mind,
Don't be mean to thy body,
Stop thy aching,
Stop thee thinking that i have.
Be still my wounded body,
Don't be mean to thee,
Stop thy hurting,
Stop thy cutting.
Thee that reads,
Stop thy tonight.
The pain goes away,
Just like every night has thy day.
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 5 4
Private Symphony :iconcannedhubris:cannedhubris 18 10 Cold :icondessavk:dessavk 11 1
Mature content
Just One Cut :iconthewickedwordsmith:TheWickedWordsmith 6 6
Through time and space I wander
Constant wonders by my side
                  We ripple and fold
Old dreams call me
     And the nights grow cold
Remembering those sugar glass nights
Alone in silence
        We won our lonely fight
:iconless2thetruth:Less2TheTruth 5 3
Mature content
No Filter. :iconstepinsidemymindmn:stepinsidemymindMN 2 5
U N S L E E P I N G :iconmirellasantana:MirellaSantana 1,232 193
The Ocean and the Star
such captivating beauty,
teases a smile from my cheeks with ease,
enrapturing me within the trance of love,
i am lost within your eyes,
like the stars in the night sky you glow,
shining brighter then all the rest before me,
as the ocean i reflect that light,
and hold it deep within me,
and in the heart of my seas you are found,
ever present there in the calm deep blue,
but like the stars in the sky,
no matter how close you may seem or far your light reaches,
the distance between you and me is far too great,
for i know that we will never be together
:iconwafflegamer:WaffleGamer 3 78
Mature content
Be Mine Forever :iconthemetheydontsee:TheMeTheyDontSee 10 10
Intoxicating Darkness
They stalk us,
hunting us day and night,
we must not fear them,
they do not bite.
You may think you’re alone,
but when the lights appear,
you’ll be surprised to see,
who’s still standing near.
He’s always been there,
and always will be,
long after you've gone,
so people can see.
He’s depending on you,
to lead the way,
he’ll listen to you,
to every word you say.
He follows your actions,
whether he likes it or not,
he may seem dull,
but he’s the only one you've got.
So get comfortable,
because he’s staying,
until six feet under ground,
you’ll be laying.
:iconjorgyisme:JorgyIsMe 3 4
my webcam is weird :icondeci-blu:deci-blu 4 38 Poetry in Motion :iconjaxenl:JaxeNL 4,543 1,220
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