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Lightsaber you make me come awake,
just a shell of a phantom staring back at you...
then it begins...
warmth and renewal of lust sleeping for millennia,
calling the dragon to the fore,
space from ghost to ghost just empty and floundering,
but then the burn and desire overtakes all these vacant runways...
she creeps to see,
oh what, she asks,
has become of me?
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
Sacred Lot
There was a place,
a simple lot,
showed her things,
things she'd never recover from,
so ordinary yet so ever extraordinary,
so mundane yet a magic of sorts,
the cold dead and buried unions of the long past had not only been wiped but was as if they'd never even entered the light of any day,
and in that lot,
there she saw,
in a vehicle so plain,
that though there were many to fight for,
and they all mattered,
that a single one had awoken a sunburst,
a thirst,
something never relegated to mere satiation,
hunger and craving returned anew,
such a simple lot,
such unmemorable words,
but behind it all,
the plot,
behind stood all their shared worlds,
they could have talked of chipping paint,
and that fire would burn higher and higher,
to never have believed one could be ever ignited again,
to truly have felt dead to giving oneself complete,
to be shown existence through another,
to be shown that beneath the cruelty in her heart of vengeance,
there was something more to push on for,
only she c
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
Broken Soul
Broken soul just let some light through,
the whispers behind you are coming to the fore,
wrapped in bandages of yesteryear,
what I wouldn't give to reach a hand to tug at them,
healing breaths beneath lashes sweeping,
as the tears caress slowly weeping,
broken soul I care for you,
will never really mend till you're by my side,
to defend,
from all the feelings I've come to know,
until again I am whole,
where we are two broken souls.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 1
If you were real, well you'd be unreal,
all you seem to yourself to possess,
doesn't even scratch the surface,
of all that I see before me,
if you could see what I saw in thee,
you'd surely never flee,
more bathe in the warm flowing sea,
of all you ever dreamed you could achieve.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 3
Your Power
Powerful raging sea,
see me,
soar so high,
fall harder from above the clouds,
as largely as one can command,
their needs do demand,
not a tidal wave,
just a wink behind a slight of hand,
beguiled to know,
though the universe one can devour,
one could feel swept away like a flower.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 6
Never even thought of that phrase since,
don't even know how I could feel so cheesy as to think such a thing,
don't quite get why this earlier self keeps haunting,
it's really got me,
I really feel it's sting,
as I imagine words from my lips,
again calling you my everything.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 0
Black Hole
I became black ice,
wand no longer wielded magic just death,
as we walked away that long night ago,
the one keeping my stride knew not what had transpired,
that I was dying inside,
drawing a curtain over all I saw there,
while to the world cold as hard packed snow,
changed where I would go,
affected my everywhere,
taught me that there are things worth fighting for,
but that sometimes you don't just lose the war,
you vanish from even your own sense of location,
all you now know is drenched only in the spaces of separation.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 3
Where I go I'll never really know,
it's out and it's far away,
the chains, they are so far down there in those gruesome dungeons bare,
you can't hold me,
can't take me anywhere.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 1
Young Love
Maybe age wasn't really the centre of all that frothing...
maybe you had guts to still feel something,
before you just let the phone ring and ring,
while you shut yourself behind closed doors,
and in the heat of those nights,
melancholy still dripping from your pores,
witness anew those feelings could exist,
drowns you in all you forgot,
reminds you how cold you have now become,
nothing and then some,
bittersweet young love,
shows you all you are and all you are without,
sweetly smiles as you gouge your inner eyes out.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
Love You More
Walked to the spots we frequented,
said under construction just like our tomorrows,
nothing there but memories,
just nothing,
like our today,
but who loves who more...
we've never settled that debate.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 5
Bet it causes him joy,
watching from his distance,
as she tears her mind apart,
back to the start,
tickled pink,
devoid of heart,
dripping crimson,
as he squeezes out all her emotion,
she'll be his mental whore,
making him feel like the centre of the world,
because he is,
as the minutes tick by,
turn into hours, into weeks, into years,
seemingly eons,
dragging out the plot,
a willing victim,
he's never fought.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 0
Under Our Lid
The sky looks so dark like crying bruises of pained blue,
same one watches over me as it does you,
though so far apart,
we share one thing in common this here night,
it is this heaven that threatens to cry,
down upon us,
to remind of the grief that gets swept and carried,
what a beautiful sight,
reminds me of my rotting emotions,
tidings of deepest grey,
all those feelings I'm never able to slay.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 5
How it Feels
Bleed into me
Revive all it is I constantly see
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
Hold tight to your noise,
keep your silence close,
your walls closer,
those damn ghosts,
they always get in anyway,
tipping Universal scales,
dripping with all that unveils,
letting through the wails,
seeing all that pales,
those frick'in demonic skills,
wrought with all their ills,
witness all that kills,
tripping on barbed wire,
of the mind kind,
a gruelling find,
only a fool wouldn't run for cover,
only a pawn wouldn't stay gone,
sweating now,
escaped it somehow,
you're wearing it now,
follow in stride,
wet the appetite,
ignite your fight,
aim your sights,
allow the gun to follow suit,
worst case is,
miss a few,
as you learn to shoot.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
Back to Front
Better days ahead
Shedding the anchor
Brought the monster to it's knees
Sickened I have been by thee and me
Steering clear
Severed parts drop from the fore
Engulfed all the past and spit it out into the future
Let the head roll
Help it all drain
Don't apply the tincture
Pull at the suture
Promise it'll wash away
All the hate fades
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 6
Take this space,
Let me nestle awhile,
I won't intrude,
Just resting here in the flood of time,
The here and now wash over me,
I can't speak,
My will is meek,
Taken aback over and over again,
Still amazed to find,
Something never quite erasable,
But it's essence always penetrable,
I've started walking back into our world,
It's how it's got to be,
I'll take a corner only I vow,
That's all I was ever allotted anyhow.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 5 0

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Topiary Evenesance
I wonder if oblivion hurts?
Tattered frays beckon me to see
Beyond this land of shadows
Past the treeline
     In this world of trees
I can't see the forest anymore
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If Tears Left Scars
Promise, that when I go you won't cry
Tears do no great justice to perfect eyes
And we've cried so much these past few years
That dry cracked faces meet our tears
No great justice could ever uncross our stars
Let's be thankful then, that tears do not leave scars
:iconless2thetruth:Less2TheTruth 6 13
You Can Find It, If You Look
Are you in love
Or are you
Going through the motions
Are you
Going through the emotions
Riding it
Like a roller coaster
‘Til it’s
Time to get off
Well I
Hope it
Reaches up and
Pulls you down
Like a riptide
I hope it
Sweeps you up
Because you deserve nothing but
Complete and utter
To the degree
That you black out
And wake up where you’ve
Never been before
Love should come up to you
On the street
Punch you in the stomach
Take your money
And run
So I hope you’re ready
For a
Love like that
One that you
Have no choice
But to chase until you’re
Out of breath
I want a
Love for you
Leaves you exhausted
But it’s
Not something
I can give you
I can’t
Make you fall in love
I can’t
Pull you down
You have to
Want to fall
You have to
Want to jump
And I can’t
Make you jump
Even if I know
With all my heart
You won’t regret it
For a minute
No matter what happens
You won’t regret it
:icongrim4o4:grim4o4 2 0
You Know Her, I Knew Her
She’s been
Practicing swallowing swords
She says she’s
Gonna run away
And join the circus
And yea she’s strange
If she likes you
The first thing she’ll say is
‘Do you wanna see my tattoos’
And that’s how you
Know you’re in
And yea she’s strange
But it
Makes you think about her
And maybe
That’s the point
She told me
She doesn’t want to
Be forgotten
She wants to
Stick in the mind of
Everyone she meets
Like a
Sharp thorn
On a
Delicate rose
But yea she’s strange
Maybe she’s just
Looking for attention
Like I don’t
Give her enough
Well I don’t
Think anyone could
Give her enough
And don’t think she is
Or selfish
She just
Can’t stand the thought of
Being forgotten
Who can blame her
But yea she’s strange
:icongrim4o4:grim4o4 3 0
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