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I-DIDN'T-ASK-YOU! (Stamp) :iconspamcrackers:SpamCrackers 13 19
Yep first day
Whose locker partner
who is my friend
and who is betrayed
Guess I was wrong
your not my friend
because you
left me in the end
All you do
is cause drama
and ruin
others lives
What if we all
just got along
Just a crazy
But you wouldn't
even listen to me
because I'm just
another person
left behind
I should have seen it
you never get better
but here we are
once again at the
last minute
but I'm the one alone
:iconoversweet:Oversweet 4 0
Is it weird to say
You are my muse
I know you don’t
Know me that well
And I don’t
Know you that well
But I look at you
And I see
And even if
More than half
Could never be
My minds still reeling
I wish you wanted this
Half as much
And maybe you do
But there’s a snowballs chance
I’ll never find out
I wouldn’t know what to say
Even if you
Gave me an in
I’d be afraid to fly
If you could
Even call it that
I’d be afraid even if you
Said you wouldn’t
Shoot me down
I’m already
Buried underground
More than half
I stifle words
That I might say
I think of
Missed opportunities
And how many
More I will miss
It’s hard to say
That I want to escape you
Trust me when I say
No one is
Approachable to me
I am
I am awkward
No one is
Approachable to me
Say what I should say
Whisper it
In my ear
So I can
Repeat it back to you
Help me
Win you over
Trust me when I say
I want this more than half
But I’m still
At a
:icongrim4o4:grim4o4 1 0
Stilted In Every Way
I don’t deserve you
But I
Can’t say that
No I
Can’t tell you that
Not what you
Want to hear
May be flattering
But it’s not going to
Make you
Head over heels
It’ll just make you
Turn in the
Other direction
What I
Mean to say is
You seem cool
But I don’t
Mean what I’m saying
I miss you
But I can’t
Tell you that
Too soon
And it
Might be endearing
To see someone
Head over heels
So fast
But it’ll
Probably just make you
Turn to run
What I
Mean to say is
You look pretty
But I don’t
Mean what I’m saying
:icongrim4o4:grim4o4 2 0
Guardian of the fallen mountain souls :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 232 35 Night mill :icondragonwolface:DragonWolfACe 32 3
do not marry a writer.
do not marry a writer.
their only love is a pen,
or weapon of choice.
their only home is the mind.
do not marry a writer.
they will leave you for hours,
lost in different worlds.
pulling them out is like waking a sleepwalker.
they will never live the same moment again.
thoughts are lightning quick,
and will never strike the same place more than once.
marry a writer.
only if you want your body
transformed into words.
do not marry a writer.
if you are a flower
requiring constant watering.
you will die, and we will turn your ashes into l e t t e r s.
but marry a writer,
if you want to live forever.
:iconcranehardcore:craneHARDCORE 648 293
svemir.01 :iconborisdelac:borisdelac 372 22
Contagious Love
I thought I saw fireworks and felt butterflies but it was a blazing
                                                         that lead moths to the flame.
    In those eyes I once saw hope, fear, love, and strong resentment but
          now they are empty and hollow
      with no hope for many tomorrows.
      I cannot fathom how fresh the
wound still feels
                            its breaking my heart.
         stole my resilience
:icontinzthecan:TinzTheCan 1 0
I'm not allowed to leave, right.
I just have to suck it in and go on…
As I promised to.
I can hold onto you-
But I'm not allowed to hide behind you, right.
I just have to stare, till
I’ve learned not to go blind.
I have to see, to fear, to learn, to go-
All the time still holding you,
But never turning to go.
:icondoldydo:doldydo 2 3
Victory :iconmoggith:Moggith 8 2
Save tonight
i would suffer
one thousand heartbreaks over
to see one thousand smiles reflected in your eyes,
to abide by your side just one more moment
bathed in your shimmering light
to you I would say yes in a heartbeat
for you are my true love
and while I have to let you slip
like sand through an hourglass
my heart will forever be stitched to yours
forever weeping, forever bleeding
from the absence of your love
yet dawn's still an eternity away
so let's save tonight-
entwine our souls for one final crime
together, we'll lead the dark astray,
and then face the hellhounds of the morn
forsaken and forlorn
:iconravenheart37:Ravenheart37 2 0
Nami 5 :icondani-foca:dani-foca 698 33
wrapped in amber,
caressed in immolating flames,
the searing marks upon my veins,
the blood boiling forth as the fire is stoked,
burning passion fueling rage,
lost to the crimson tides,
the flames coarse through the sides,
upon seas of anger it rides,
Scorched hooves upon the blackened earth,
wrath in fiery speckled robes
:iconwafflegamer:WaffleGamer 5 4
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Newest Deviations

Just Shy
Just shy in age,
around the same time,
around the block,
around our eternal clock,
sometimes we mess up and it doesn't end well,
sad turmoil hell,
other times there to see you go,
or no, you're the last thing in vision as my grips ease off,
but no matter the final page,
no matter what was written,
I'll soon awake and open my eyes,
and just shy,
will be someone I have called my own,
I know I'm never alone.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 1
Black melodies shared as though songs of courting,
nothing frilly or light,
like he knew my delight,
only one who seemed could see through me,
could see I couldn't really relate,
could know the notes to present to she,
to unravel,
and watch it seep,
to unfold the abyss that extended deep,
to know the steps past the guarded keep,
a parry with pounces at drawbridges held in close,
there was nothing he ever had to say to tell me I was got,
not even a delay,
he just pressed play.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
Up Ahead
Racing you in my dreams,
asphalt screams,
the night,
the sting of grit,
teasing death,
it's where I'm lit.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
The Parallel
Tell me all,
endless well washing despair away,
wipe the slate,
never too late,
in the nights demons rage,
cage escapades.
They fall all over you like panting glass figurines,
so irresistible,
so beautiful,
much did spill,
till ill,
laid it out on the wooden kitchen table,
said it all,
till tranquil.
Always and from here,
a parallel watches over you,
embraces creeping dark,
keeps it at bay,
fends off the blood hounds on a trail,
using it's might to conquer the hungry burdens,
which lay in wait to dine on the carcass they will surely find,
wanting to mess with your mind,
until they have drained you till barely a whisper,
seeing self used as a worn trinket,
unable to see past a pretty face,
wanting to have the glow in their weak stead,
so they can be fed.
the parallel,
force of good and evil even and equal,
I breath out,
washing over you,
to wash their intentions away,
make them vanish again into a turmoil of their yesterdays,
oh the sweet daze,
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 0
They're always taking and taking from you,
guzzling you like there's no tomorrow,
slurping from the fountain like their rains from skies have been denied,
when I ask of you a morsel,
it's a symmetry of space,
I won't be greedy nor will I take,
maybe partake,
I really don't want anything from you,
I just happen to know to get through,
what I have to do,
as that's what you are used to.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
In my mind's eye I'd have to revamp things,
but you can make things looks good,
even camping,
stepping over twigs with muddied feet like some swamp thing,
must be beautiful to be with you,
to see the sun rays through and through,
I seem to know where you've been and what you've done,
could describe all the times we've met,
but when I really come to think of it,
I don't even know your favourite color yet.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 1 3
The Bright Side
I'm glad poetry is labeled fiction,
a factual account could cause some friction,
let me be clear in my diction,
the hard cold truth would swamp attempted fantasy,
we'll stick to good old creative machinations,
leave the blood-caked realities in the ground,
keep'in it light,
enter imagination.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 0
Another Rut
Approve of me please,
see me plead,
exit of things freed,
liberated into a knot,
you're what I've got.
If you weren't witness was it really worth it?
If I am without you to see it,
do I really care whether it is there?
My will is shot,
welcome to all I've sought,
enter Vampira's Lot.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
Died and Gone to Hell
If it wasn't for you I don't even know if I could write one line,
here before me is a muse that is simply divine,
I must've died and gone to hell,
for here I dwell,
the magician outsmarted by one with the incantation,
now tangled in her own spell,
if I would've known how effective it was I may have used it well,
before it came snapping back on me,
now I just sit back and enjoy the view,
of the most enchanting parts of all I ever wished I could flee.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
Mental Torture
Let's visit awhile in this mental hell,
our collective myths we tell ourselves to avoid the nightmare,
they're hitting another dry spell,
here comes the monsoon,
I'll see you soon in our world,
on all fours,
slowly turning the wretched keys to all these attic doors,
the spin,
I crawl within,
the hurricane of you,
and I grip to my anguish harder,
hoping the days go faster,
till the next time around,
to start the wheel of life again,
to yet again play in our cherished mental disaster,
here there is no servant nor master,
there is only harder and faster.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 0
Tip of the Blade
Within all my bravery I sense something cowardly
wielded by the likes of I
my back to you I draw my sword
motion quick like sin
I catch your reflection in her steel
and beside it my eye
behind us the echoing sky
bearing witness to a twisted viciousness
some sort of capriciousness
leaves me gasping as I release my grip
with her slice I've ended so many tales
but as you watch
these attempted swipes create more trails
I have kept you alive again
confused by where I end and where you begin
questioning my ability to turn deepest hurt to betrayal of the very sweetest nature
balancing the topic of integrity
happy she is sheathed again unable to resonate my fierce desire
to say words that could only be born out of atomic fire
to show a passion that is to die for
to be a vessel to remind all who cross this path
once you have been loved by me
there is no coming back
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 1 3
Fire burns pure white hot
vanquishes all as the force of nature descends upon and awakens the dead,
pulling pulverized bodies from marshes,
peeling flesh off metal and pavement,
vaporizing their doomed hells,
made pristine,
in my deaths, if they were honest good deaths,
then I left with your face in my mind,
if they were cowardly then I left behind a lie,
the turmoil was not to face betrayals,
but to have perished not with an honest view,
the hereafter never called as I was it's maker,
and as I faced it again and again,
treacherous endings swallowed me not through my pain but in the wake of my abandoning all I stood for,
to the deep core,
the times I said goodbye pleading that I couldn't let go,
it was not the murder, the darkness and hate I was chained to,
but deep within the fifth plain of dimension,
hiding behind all the caked on shuns of our eons,
there I witnessed the outpouring of all our times of exhilaration,
the combining into something beyond rhyme or reason,
it's what I've b
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
My Book
It's being written from forbidden legacies,
for me.
Someone else has the copyrights to all I see.
But then,
something took hold of my circuitry,
echoing other times,
calling to me from hidden winds,
where sound and rhythm drip amongst rigid minds,
I was lost,
my book floating on watery graves,
I am above the swell now,
I've recovered your pages and I'm rewriting them,
their version sucked anyhow.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
my writing isn't a skill but a broken heart bleeding all over your page
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
That single track at album's end,
the villain of the piece became a boy dripping innocence of youth,
became different from what I had heard in my mind's eye,
there I sat...utterly quietly wrong about all that was him...
as he sang to another,
a hurting,
a bleeding openness never reserved for I,
the closest I ever came to his heart was a song,
long gone on a cassette sent to it's garbage grave,
met up with where my dreams have stayed.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 0
Not I
Here collecting fragments,
peeling wallpaper that once reflected the sun,
once reflected warmth of sound, temperature and smell.
It peels and off it rips,
bloody fingertips,
taking it out on these rag fibres,
collecting the bits to add to the urn,
every time I hurt you a chip went astray,
every time your eyes saw me, crying of the betrayed,
every moment you asked of me as I turned away,
the beauty of this wall before me,
showing me each painful slit,
teaching me of your falling,
showing me the things I cared not know,
I try to collect your broken fragments,
they are lost to me,
the caretaker of your dreams, not I,
just a witness to what has gone before,
the specks on the floor,
you told me I walked all over you,
didn't see it till I looked around at this view.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3


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